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Фильтр очистки воздуха НEPA F9-U15

    1. Фильтр воздушный абсолютной очистки HEPAThe HEPA purifier replacement air filter can trap 0.1~0.5μm fine particles with uniform wind velocity and stable efficiency, so it is generally used at the final stage of clean room or clean bench air filtration units below 1000 class. It can be widely applied in the microelectronics industry, precision instrumentation, medical and health, biological engineering, pharmaceuticals and food industries.
    1. Высокоэффективный воздушный фильтр HEPAPaneled high efficiency air filters can trap 0.3~0.5μm fine particles. They are mainly used for the final stage air filtration of the purification equipment used in the production facilities of electro-optics, biological laboratories, food and beverages, semiconductors, touch screen LEDs, high efficiency air vent filter, and air showers. This filter is thicker than non-separator air filters due to the paneled structure, but it has a larger dust holding capacity.
    1. Высокоэффективный воздушный фильтр с гелевым уплотнениемThe liquid sealed HEPA air filter is sealed by a mechanical pressing device so the seal is more reliable and the cleanliness can reach 100 class. It is an ideal final stage filter for industrial or biological clean rooms and is also an ideal auxiliary filter for other purification equipment.
    1. Высокотемпературные панельные фильтрыThe high temperature air filter use separators to maintain the precise spacing of the pleats to make most of the filter media. Therefore, the filter has advantages of large air volume, low resistance and uniform wind velocity, meanwhile, it can adapt to high temperature environments. It is mainly used in surface coatings industry to filter particulates such as tar, soot and dust generated in the drying room to ensure the cleanliness of the product surface.
    1. Фильтр компактный W-типаThe air filter replacement adopts the V-packet or W-packet structure, compared to the medium efficiency bag filter, it’s larger ventilation and less space occupied features makes it suitable for installation in a compact space air-conditioning system.
      This series of air filters can be widely applied in central air-conditioning air supply system for places with high cleanliness requirements such as precision electronic, pharmaceutical industry, biological laboratories, hospitals, food industry, and surface treatment workshops, etc.
    1. Комбинированный фильтр для воздухоочистителяLarge smoke particles generated by soldering stations, smoking tables and laser cutting machines have a serious influence on human health. This composite filtration material smoke filter combines filter cotton, glass fiber filter media and activated carbon filter media to effectively solve the problem of dust and harmful gas pollution by multiple filter designs.
    1. Картриджные воздушные фильтрыStructure: The inner diameter of the upper end is 215mm, the lower bottom cap is designed with a 16mm diameter screw hole so it can be lifted with a screw. The whole design is for easy installation.
      Filter media: Using PET filter material, the filtration efficiency of dust particles with a diameter of 0.5μm can reach over 99%.

Компания Youjie Purification Equipment специализируется на производстве фильтров и других изделий для очистки воздуха. Мы предлагаем нашим клиентам технологии очистки воздуха путем использования высококачественных материалов, рам и сеток. Компания Youjie производит широкий спектр продукции, для очистки воздуха от стандартных фильтров до высокоэффективных воздушных фильтров. В нашей команде работают специалисты с глубокими знаниями о технологиях и методах производства фильтров для очистки воздуха. Мы предоставляем технологии очистки воздуха для промышленных нужд и жилых помещений.

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